How to play Travis picking patterns on guitar (with audio and tabs)

How to play Travis picking patterns on guitar - post cover

Travis picking is a fingerpicking method named after guitarist “Merle Travis”, who has influenced guitarists over the last decades, including Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel. This fingerpicking style is characterized by a repeated bass pattern, while playing chords and melody at the same time. In this lesson, we’ll cover how to play Travis picking patterns … Read more

How to play guitar fingerpicking patterns (including exercises and audio)

Guitar fingerpicking patterns - cover

If you’ve ever tried learning a song that uses a fingerpicking method on guitar, you’ll often see a repeating pattern in your picking hand as the chords change. Picking patterns are used to create rhythm and interest when playing a chord progression. This lesson covers common fingerpicking patterns that you can apply over different chords … Read more

What should I practice on guitar?

What should I practice on guitar? - post cover

If you aren’t sure what to practice on guitar or feel stuck in the learning process, this post will give you clarity on important areas that you can work to get better! Although each person has a specific genre they prefer or musical goal they want to achieve, the musical concepts mentioned here can help … Read more