7 ways to play a B sus 2 chord on guitar

7 ways to play an B sus 2 chord on guitar banner

After mastering your basic chords on guitar, you’ll also want to learn sus 2 chords which often come up in many popular songs. These chords have a cool, airy, open sound that will freshen up progressions. In this lesson, we’ll specifically be covering how to play the B sus 2 chord, which is short for “Suspended … Read more

How to play minor 7 b5 chords (half diminished) on guitar

Minor 7 b5 chords on guitar

If you’re looking to spice up your chord progressions, you’ll want to learn about a unique chord called the minor 7 b5 chord (also known as the half diminished chord). These interesting and sophisticated chords add a jazzy and mysterious element to your playing. In this lesson, we cover the music theory to understand how … Read more

How to play half diminished arpeggios on guitar (with application examples)

How to play half diminished arpeggios on guitar - featured image

If you want to take your improvisation skills to the next level, it’s important to have a solid understanding of half diminished arpeggios (also known as minor 7 b5 arpeggios). Arpeggios are so effective because they highlight the important notes of a chord. If you’re familiar with diminished triads, this concept goes one step further to … Read more

How to build extended chords on guitar (easy guide with charts)

How to build extended chords on guitar

If you know your basic chords, it’s helpful to learn to build extended chords to give you more flexibility and depth on the guitar. This skill will help you to create new chords and enhance your chord progressions. I recommend reviewing ways of playing different chords such as Major, minor, and 7th chords if you’re … Read more