Where He Leads Me (guitar tabs and chords)

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This guitar lesson covers how to play the beloved hymn Where He Leads Me, originally written by Earnest William Blandly and composed by John S. Norris. We’ll go over the guitar chords, melody and a finger-style arrangement including guitar tabs. Grab your guitar and let’s get started! How to read the guitar chord charts To … Read more

Opus 60 No. 7 by Fernando Sor (guitar tabs)

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Opus 60, No. 7 was written by Spanish guitarist and composer, Fernando Sor. This is the seventh of a 25 piece study by Sor. This is a simple yet musical piece recommended for beginner to intermediate level guitarists looking to develop smooth hand movement and proper fingerpicking technique. Grab your guitar and let’s get started! Opus 60 … Read more

7 ways to play a B sus 2 chord on guitar

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After mastering your basic chords on guitar, you’ll also want to learn sus 2 chords which often come up in many popular songs. These chords have a cool, airy, open sound that will freshen up progressions. In this lesson, we’ll specifically be covering how to play the B sus 2 chord, which is short for “Suspended … Read more