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Here are some summer learning recommendations. Click the links to get the PDFs for these songs!

  • Canon in D by Pachelbel – A timeless classical piece that is both soothing and versatile. Great for improving fingerpicking skills and is suitable for intermediate players.
  • Scarborough Fair – A traditional English folk song that evokes the essence of serene summer days. Perfect for both strumming and finger-style playing.
  • Danny Boy – Another traditional song with a lush, expressive melody. Ideal for practicing chord changes and exploring emotional expression through music.
  • Greensleeves – A classic folk tune that is both gentle and captivating. This piece offers a nice mix of melody and harmony, making it excellent for finger-style practice.
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game – Capture the spirit of summer sports with this upbeat and iconic tune. A fun song for sing-alongs and learning basic chords.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Simple yet effective for beginners, this nursery rhyme is perfect for mastering basic chords. Great starter piece for younger learners or those new to guitar.

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