Where He Leads Me (guitar tabs and chords)

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This guitar lesson covers how to play the beloved hymn Where He Leads Me, originally written by Earnest William Blandly and composed by John S. Norris. We’ll go over the guitar chords, melody and a finger-style arrangement including guitar tabs. Grab your guitar and let’s get started! How to read the guitar chord charts To … Read more

7 ways to play a B sus 2 chord on guitar

7 ways to play an B sus 2 chord on guitar banner

After mastering your basic chords on guitar, you’ll also want to learn sus 2 chords which often come up in many popular songs. These chords have a cool, airy, open sound that will freshen up progressions. In this lesson, we’ll specifically be covering how to play the B sus 2 chord, which is short for “Suspended … Read more

Plaisir d’amour (aka “Can’t Help Falling in Love”) – chords and guitar tabs

Plaisir d'amour chords and guitar tabs banner

Plaisir d’amour is a song composed by Jean-Paul-Égide Martini and inspired the melody for Elvis Presley’s popular song “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. This lesson covers the guitar chords for this song, sheet music for the melody including tabs, and also a finger-style guitar arrangement at the end! Grab your guitar and let’s get started! How to … Read more

How to play minor 7 b5 chords (half diminished) on guitar

Minor 7 b5 chords on guitar

If you’re looking to spice up your chord progressions, you’ll want to learn about a unique chord called the minor 7 b5 chord (also known as the half diminished chord). These interesting and sophisticated chords add a jazzy and mysterious element to your playing. In this lesson, we cover the music theory to understand how … Read more

Malagueña by Tárrega guitar tabs

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Malagueña is one of Francisco Tárrega’s most popular compositions and has become a cornerstone piece for classical guitarists. The piece intertwines expressive melodies and lively rhythms in the spirit of Flamenco. This lesson covers the finger-style arrangement of this piece including tabs. Grab your guitar and let’s get started! Malagueña guitar tabs Here is a … Read more