How to practice scales on guitar

As guitarists, being able to play scales is essential to know when playing melodies or when improvising on the instrument. You may have heard over and over about how important it is to know scales but how can we effectively practice scales on guitar? Knowing the notes of a scale is an important first step … Read more

What should I practice on guitar?

If you aren’t sure what to practice on guitar or feel stuck in the learning process, this post will give you clarity on key areas that you can work to get better. Although each person has a specific genre they prefer or musical goal they want to achieve, the musical concepts mentioned here can help … Read more

How to learn guitar with tabs

Perhaps you are in the initial stages of learning to play guitar and have been wondering if using tabs are a good way to learn. I recommend learning tabs when first starting out but eventually it would be good to learn how to standard music notation as well. In this post, we’ll cover what guitar … Read more

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