How to play diminished scales on guitar

Diminished scales are some of the most ambiguous scales in music and are often misunderstood as to how they are used. However, they are very satisfying to play once you understand how they can be used to spice up your improvisation. We’ll first learn some music theory about how diminished scales work, learn the scale … Read more

A beginners guide to essential guitar scales

As a guitarist, it’s important to learn scales in order to take your skills to the next level. Learning scales help you to understand the fretboard, play melodies with more ease and choose the right notes to improvise on your instrument. In this post, we will cover the essential guitar scales to practice for beginners … Read more

How to practice scales on guitar

As guitarists, being able to play scales is essential to know when playing melodies or when improvising on the instrument. You may have heard over and over about how important it is to know scales but how can we effectively practice scales on guitar? Knowing the notes of a scale is an important first step … Read more

How to play minor scales on guitar (including shapes and audio)

Regardless of the music style or genre, one of the most fundamental scales to learn on guitar is the minor scale. Knowing the minor scale on guitar is helpful when melodies or when improvising in minor keys. Although the minor scale can be played in one position of the guitar, the same set of notes … Read more

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