12 Easy strumming patterns for guitar (backing tracks included)

In this post, I’ll show you some easy and practical guitar strumming patterns that can help you improve your playing. Whether you are just starting out or already having experience playing different rhythms, it’s essential to know how to play strumming patterns in different time signatures. Strumming is an essential part of playing guitar because … Read more

How to play Happy Birthday song (guitar chords, melody with tabs and strumming patterns)

If there’s one song you should know on guitar, it’s probably Happy Birthday. Even if you don’t play your guitar as often as you’d like, this is one must know song you can learn to celebrate the people in your life. We’ll first cover the guitar chords and tabs to Happy Birthday in the key … Read more

7 ways to get better at strumming on guitar

If you’re learning to play guitar, you’ll find that strumming is an essential skill to learn on the instrument. Before you even start learning to play single note melodies, riffs, or solos, I think strumming is an excellent way to get into learning to play guitar.  Having a good sense of strumming allows you to … Read more

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