How to play Bossa Nova rhythms on guitar

How to play Bossa Nova rhythms on guitar - post cover

Bossa Nova is a musical genre originating from Brazil which features the guitar as the main accompaniment. This mellow and beautiful style uses syncopated rhythms with a fingerpicking style of playing. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to play Bossa Nova rhythms on guitar starting with basic patterns on one chord to more advanced patterns … Read more

12 Easy strumming patterns for guitar (backing tracks included)

12 easy strumming patterns for guitar - post cover

This lesson covers 12 easy and practical guitar strumming patterns that will help you improve your playing. Strumming is an essential part of playing guitar because it’s what connects harmony (the chords) with rhythm. You can use nice chords but without being able to strum properly, your delivery falls short. We’ll first clarify some basic … Read more

What should I practice on guitar?

What should I practice on guitar? - post cover

If you aren’t sure what to practice on guitar or feel stuck in the learning process, this post will give you clarity on important areas that you can work to get better! Although each person has a specific genre they prefer or musical goal they want to achieve, the musical concepts mentioned here can help … Read more

How to play Happy Birthday song (guitar chords, melody with tabs and strumming patterns)

how to play happy birthday on guitar - post cover

If there’s one song you should learn on guitar, it’s probably Happy Birthday. Even if you don’t play your guitar as often as you’d like, this is one must know song you can learn to celebrate the people in your life. We’ll first cover the guitar chords to Happy Birthday and melody with tabs in … Read more