9 tips to get better at improvising on guitar

Improvising on guitar is one of the most challenging but rewarding skills that takes intentional time to get better at. Rather than thinking of music improvisation as a purely spontaneous ability, it’s actually the gradual development of smaller concepts that eventually help you to come up with musical ideas on the spot. In this post, … Read more

How to play minor scales on guitar (including shapes and audio)

Regardless of the music style or genre, one of the most fundamental scales to learn on guitar is the minor scale. Knowing the minor scale on guitar is helpful when melodies or when improvising in minor keys. Although the minor scale can be played in one position of the guitar, the same set of notes … Read more

How to play minor pentatonic scales on guitar (5 shapes, examples and patterns)

The minor pentatonic is a dynamic 5 note scale which you’ve probably heard in multiple songs across different genres. It is one of the essential guitar scales to get better at improvisation because of its versatility and unique sound that can make your playing stand out. In this post, we cover the five minor pentatonic scale shapes, … Read more

How to play pentatonic scales on guitar (including charts and examples)

The pentatonic scale is one of the most widely used scales across different genres of music. The word pentatonic comes from the root word “penta”, meaning 5 or having 5 of something. As you may have already guessed, the pentatonic scales has 5 notes. Knowing pentatonic scales helps to you create tasteful and melodic ideas … Read more

How to play power chords on guitar

A power chord is a simplified chord that contains two or three notes, usually a doubled root note and a perfect 5th interval in relation to the root. Power chords are notated with a 5 next to the chord such as C5, D5, G5, or F5. Unlike most chords, power chords don’t include a Major or minor … Read more

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