Spanish Romance (Romanza) – guitar arrangement

Spanish Romance is one of the most popular classical guitar pieces with an unknown composer. This piece is referred to by different names such as Romanza, Romance de Amor, or Estudio en Mi de Rubira (Study in E by Rubira).

The song is ideal for advanced beginners to intermediate level guitarists that are able to barre chords, and have a good foundation with the fingerpicking technique. This post covers the guitar arrangement including tabs.

Spanish Romance – guitar arrangement with tabs

The song switches between the key signatures of E minor and E Major. We can think of the E minor part as the A section and the E Major part as the B section. With each section being repeated, the song follows the form A, A, B, B, A, A.

A characteristic feature of this song is the repeated picking pattern as the chords change. Here is a quick review of the fingerpicking symbols used in this piece:

p = pulgar or thumb

i = indice or index/pointer finger

m = medio or middle finger

a = anular or ring finger

Make sure to watch out for the barre chord symbols above certain parts of the music such as B.5 (barre on the 5th fret). The tabs will help you know how many strings need to be covered with a barre.

If needed, here are some resources to help you with this piece:

Spanish Romance guitar arrangement with tabs page 1

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