Malagueña by Tárrega guitar tabs

Malagueña is one of Francisco Tárrega’s most popular compositions and has become a cornerstone piece for classical guitarists. The piece intertwines expressive melodies and lively rhythms in the spirit of Flamenco.

This lesson covers the finger-style arrangement of this piece including tabs. Grab your guitar and let’s get started!

Malagueña guitar tabs

Here is a quick review of the guitar notation symbols used in this piece. The numbers next to some notes on the top staff indicate which fingers to use on the fretting hand. The letters indicate what fingers to use on your picking hand. You can learn what they mean here.

See the chart below for reference.

Fretting hand picking and strumming hand symbols on guitar

You can refer to this simple guide to understanding music symbols if needed.

By the way, you can get all the PDFs of this song below.

Malaguena by Tarrega guitar tabs 1
Malaguena by Tarrega guitar tabs 2
Malaguena by Tarrega guitar tabs 3
Malaguena by Tarrega guitar tabs 4
Malaguena by Tarrega guitar tabs 5
Malaguena by Tarrega guitar tabs 6
Malaguena by Tarrega guitar tabs 7

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