Lagrima by Tarrega 💧 – Guitar tabs

The piece “Lagrima”, translated as “Teardrop”, is a piece written by Spanish guitarist and composer, Francisco Tarrega. This finger picking style classical piece is ideal for advanced beginner to intermediate guitarists. In this post, we’ll cover the guitar arrangement for Lagrima including tabs.

Let’s get started by looking at some of the music symbols used in the piece.

Music symbols to review

: Pull off symbol is used to indicate releasing your finger to play the next note without picking the string again.

Hammer on symbol is used to indicate pressing down on the next note without picking the string again.

/ or \ = diagonal lines between two notes represent a slide (only pick the first note and slide/move your fretting finger to the next note).

Rit = ritardando (gradually make the tempo slower).

D.C. al Fine – Go back to the beginning of the piece (D. C.) until the end (fine).

If you need help reading this piece, check out this simple guide to understanding music symbols.

Note on barre chord symbols

You might see barre chords written as C.1, C.2, etc… to represent the Spanish word “cejilla” which means barre. I replace this with B.1, B.2, etc… to represent a barre on a certain fret.

Note that these symbols don’t always require barring all strings, so check the notation to see which string the barre starts on. The dashed lines indicate how long to hold each barre.

Song form

The form of this piece is A, A, B with a key change in the B section starting on measure 9. The song starts in E Major and transitions to E minor in the B section.

Lagrima – guitar arrangement

One of the challenges may be the barre chords in certain spots throughout the piece. If needed, this other post gives you 5 tips to get better at playing barre chords on guitar.

Another piece I recommend checking out is Moonlight Sonata based on Tarrega’s arrangement. See the resource tab for more sheet music with guitar tabs.

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