How to play power chords on guitar

A power chord is a simplified chord that contains two or three notes, usually a doubled root note and a perfect 5th interval in relation to the root. Power chords are notated with a 5 next to the chord such as C5, D5, G5, or F5. Unlike most chords, power chords don’t include a Major or minor … Read more

How to play drop 2 chords on guitar

Are you looking to expand your understanding of chords and learn different ways of playing them on the guitar? If you’re already feeling confident about playing open chords, barre chords, and 7th chords, maybe you’re ready for a new challenge to start learning drop 2 chords. In this post, we cover what drop 2 chords … Read more

How to play barre chords on guitar and 5 tips to get better at playing them!

If you’ve started learning barre chords on guitar, you might have found them to be much tougher to play than you expected. Learning these chords can be a frustrating and uncomfortable process but there are ways approach them more ease which we’ll look at. After you learn your open chords on guitar, which are the ones you … Read more

How to read slash chords on guitar

Have you ever come across slash chords when learning the chords of a song but weren’t sure what they meant? These symbols are quite simpler to understand than you might think. In this post, we cover what slash chords are, how and why they’re used on guitar, and also give you musical examples that you … Read more