Bouree in E minor – Bach (guitar tabs)

In this post, we’ll cover how to play Bouree in E minor by Johann Sebastian Bach on guitar. This popular classical piece, also known as BWV 996, was originally written for the lute as the 5th movement from Suite in E minor.

This piece is more suitable for intermediate level guitarists looking to develop their fingerpicking technique.

Bach’s Bouree in E minor guitar tabs

What stands out in this piece is Bach’s use of counterpoint, meaning how the different voices move together or in contrary motion to create harmony. You will see how the melody and bass line masterfully weave together throughout this piece.

If you are having trouble playing the piece, you can try playing the melody or bass line separately before putting the parts together.

The numbers above or next to some notes on the top staff indicate which fingers to use on the fretting hand. If needed, see this guide on understanding music symbols.

The form of the piece is straightforward in that you repeat measures 1 through 9 and then repeat measures 10 through 26.

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