Waltz – Opus 241, No. 4 – Carulli – guitar tabs

Opus 241, No. 4 is a waltz in G Major and E minor composed by guitarist Ferdinando Carulli. This is guitar study number 4 from École de guitare.

This is an easy classical piece recommended for beginner level guitarists looking to develop their fingerpicking technique. Let’s get started!

Music symbols used in the piece

D.C. – stands for Da Capo (in Italian), meaning to go back to the top or beginning of the piece.

Fine – End (in Italian). Sometimes written as Fin (in French). For this piece, you end on the measure that indicates “Fine” the second time around after going through all the measures.

Music symbol symbol to indicate the start of a repeated section

Indicates the beginning of a section that is to be repeated.

Music symbol symbol to indicate the end of a repeated section

Indicates the ending of a section that is to be repeated.

If needed, you can check out this guide on understanding music symbols.

Opus 241, No. 4 guitar tabs

This piece uses a 3/8 time signature meaning that 3 eighth notes fill the length of each measure.

Some minor edits have been made to the original arrangement for ease of reading. The numbers next to some notes on the top staff indicate which fingers to use on the fretting hand. If needed, check out this lesson to learn how to finger pick on guitar.

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Also available from Carulli’s Opus 241 is study No. 21.

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