Godin Multiac Nylon Encore guitar review

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In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Godin Multiac Nylon acoustic electric guitar. I’ve had this guitar since around 2012 and it’s been one of my main guitars for performances, recording, and teaching. The main reason I got interested in this Godin guitar was because of the beautiful, warm sound I heard from artists using it such as Sylvain Luc and Lionel Loueke.

The Godin Multiac nylon string guitar is really comfortable for finger-style playing and it sounds great with or without amplification. Although the price of the instrument is on the higher end, you pay for what you get in terms of quality and sound.

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Let’s first look into some of the specs of this guitar.


  • The overall length of this guitar is 43.75 inches or 111.12 cm.
  • The scale length (meaning where the string vibrates, the length of the bridge to the nut of the guitar) is 25.5 inches or 64.77 cm.
  • The body width is 16.25 or 41.27 cm.
  • The nut width is 1.9 inches or 4.82 cm.


This guitar weighs 3.84 pounds or 1.74 kg according to Amazon.

Headstock view


Here are some key features of the materials used in Godin Multiac nylon guitars which are made in Canada.

  • The guitar features a mahogany neck and the fretboard is made of rosewood, known for providing warm tones as well as its durability.
  • This guitar has a solid cedar top, meaning the kind of wood used for the top part of the guitar.
  • Built-in preamp with EQ sliders to control volume, treble, mid, bass, and synth blending.
Godin Multiac guitar side view
EQ controls view
Godin Multiac electro acoustic guitar input jack
Input jack view

Final thoughts

When played without an amplifier, the volume is much quieter than a standard classical acoustic guitar because there is no sound hole. The optimal sound of this guitar is when you use an amplifier to get a warm nylon string sound with almost no feedback.

If you’ve ever tried playing an acoustic guitar with a mic, you might have experienced that annoying feedback noise that can be caused by the sound hole of the guitar. Because of the unique build of the Godin guitar, you can minimize these sound issues when performing.

The guitar build may also have other benefits such as being able to practice at a much quieter volume. Just know that you won’t get the same natural volume as a traditional classical guitar when playing unplugged.

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This page includes some Amazon affiliate links to products I’ve used and recommend. This means I earn a commission if you click the link and purchase the item, at no additional cost to you!

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