I Surrender All (chords, melody with tabs and arrangement)

I Surrender All - post cover

I Surrender All is a popular Christian hymn written by Judson W. Van DeVenter. In this post, we’ll cover the guitar chords, sheet music for the melody including tabs, and a finger-style guitar arrangement. Grab your guitar and let’s get started! How to read the guitar chord charts To clarify how to read the chord … Read more

How to play Happy Birthday song (guitar chords, melody with tabs and strumming patterns)

how to play happy birthday on guitar - post cover

If there’s one song you should know on guitar, it’s probably Happy Birthday. Even if you don’t play your guitar as often as you’d like, this is one must know song you can learn to celebrate the people in your life. We’ll first cover the guitar chords to Happy Birthday and melody with tabs in … Read more