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I offer engaging and personalized online guitar lessons. In the lessons, I build upon fundamental guitar skills as students learn their favorite songs. We explore different aspects of music including improvisation, theory, composition, and even recording music if the student is interested. I provide learning materials like PDF’s, backing tracks and videos to help students review what we cover in the lessons.

For questions, contact me at learn@jgmusiclessons.com


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I wish I could choose all but the truth is that there aren’t enough words to describe exactly how awesome working with JG has been. He’s very patient and thoroughly walks you through obstacles. His professionalism is unmatched and he’s just an all around extraordinary instructor. I am honored to work with him. Thank you JG!!!

– Billy C.    

WOW! I’ve been working with JG for about 6 weeks and it has super charged my ability to play and read music. Having him as a coach and guide was the best choice in learning guitar. HIRE HIM

– Ross I.    

JG is very knowledgeable and very patient when teaching. I have never touched a guitar before, so I didn’t think I was ever able to pick up a guitar and start playing, but JG is making that come true. Just after having my third lesson with him, I have gather tons of information to start playing songs, which he will go over with you, so you can understand. It’s not all up to him for you to learn, you must do your part too and practice! Thank you, JG!

– Ben T.    

For a Beginning guitar player I feel like JG is a really good fit, he’s patient, knowledgeable, and gives you a lot of material to make you become a better guitar player on his/her journey. My playing and music theory is growing by leaps and bounds in only few lessons. Can’t go wrong with JG.

– Jeffrey S.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed taking lessons with JG. He has all the qualities of an effective teacher – friendly, patient, good at breaking down concepts, technical competence, etc. What I appreciate most about JG is his ability to mold his lessons around my specific interests and make sure that I’m making progress in the areas that matter to me most. I look forward to continuing my learning with his lesson plans! 

– Matthew I.    

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Guitar Essentials is a step-by-step approach to learning to play the guitar. This ebook will guide you from the fundamental beginner skills to being able to play songs on your own.

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